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GMOs are Genetically Modified Organisms whose genetic material has been altered. EGF meats are always Non-GMO!

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Here, free really means free. The Meat Truck will deliver to your door for FREE from Monday – Saturday. Simply contact us to book a time & Date

High Quality

Eating well starts at the meat you buy. Treat yourself with only the finest, high quality meats at only a fraction of the cost

We offer only the finest in quality meats and cuts to all of Alberta and Neighboring provinces

We pride ourselves in maintaining a vast variety of meats, poultry & seafood for the best prices & highest quality

We Offer a Variety of Meats & Seafood

Prime Beef

Premium Pork

Superior Chicken

Quality Lamb

Fresh Seafood

Gourmet Items

Product Menu

Meat Products


~Filet Mignon (wrapped in bacon)
~Filet Mignon 
~Ribeye Steak 
~Sirloin Steaks 
~Prime Rib Roast 

~New York Steak
~Top Sirloin Roast
~Beef Ground
~Meat Balls


~Breaded Veal Cutlets 
~Veal Cutlets (for Scallopini)

~Veal Chops


~Lamb Chops 
~Rack of lamb

~Lamb Ground


~Boneless Pork Chops 
~Frenched Pork Chops
~Pork Roast 
~Med Smokies

~Boneless Garlic Ribs 
~Pork Tenderloin
~Back Ribs


~Beef Patties 
~Sausage Patties 

~Veggie Patties


~Buffalo Burgers 

~Bison Ground


~Orange Roughy 
~Jumbo Shrimp 
~Prawns XL 
~Tempura Shrimp
~Butterfly Shrimp 
~Lobster Tails
~Shrimp Salad 
~Alaskan King Crab
~Scallops XL 
~Tilapia Fillets
~Scampi Tails 
~Halibut Steaks/Fillets
~Salmon Steaks/Fillets 
~Basa Fillets
~Squid Tubes 

~Red Snapper
~Filet of Sole
~Raw Oyster 
~Sea Bass
~Haddock Loins
~Arctic Char
~Trout (steel head)
~Seafood Variety
~Mahi Mahi 
~Cod in Batter
~Cod Filet
~Cod Lion

Gourmet Items

~Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breast
~Assorted Chicken Breasts
~BBQ Chicken Quarter 
~Chicken Thighs
~Chicken Satays 
~Chicken Cordon Blue
~Chicken Kiev 
~Chicken Parmesan
~Chicken Wings 
~Chicken Florentine
~Chicken with Scallops & Lobster
~Chicken Apple Brie
~Chicken Fingers
~Chicken Legs 
~Turkey Tenderloin

~Turkey Ground
~Frog Legs 
~Cheese Cake 
 ~.Ginger Beef
~Beef Jerky 
~Pizza (6")
~Hors D'oeuvres
~.Egg Rolls
~Breaded Oysters 
~Pork Schnitzel 
 ~Potato Crusted Cod
~Oriental Combo 
~Almond Sole 
~Stuffed Potatoes
~Stuffed Cornish Hens 

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